Best Little Blueshouse In Texas

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Best Little Blueshouse In Texas - Antone's, Austin, TX, 26feb83, 27feb83
     [Strider Production SP-002] (1997) (52:32, 6 tracks)
     Track 1 with Albert King Band recorded  26feb83
     Same date as First Steps In Europe & You'll Be Mine, 
     From Austin To Amsterdam, Thanks for the Memories

     <track#/title>                     <time>    <notes>
     1> Crosscut Saw                    13:13     with Albert King Band
     2> So Excited                       3:31
     3> Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)    11:14
     4> The Things I Used To Do          7:18
     5> Pride And Joy                    4:14
     6> Tin Pan Alley                   13:02

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