Blues For Japan

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Blues For Japan - Shiba Yubinchukin Hall, Tokyo, Japan, 24jan85
     [Stars and Stripes, AAD004] (Luxembourg) (72:18, 9 tracks)
     incomplete, missing "Tin Pan Alley/Dirty Pool"
     same date as Cold Shot,  Live In Japan, Scuttle Buttin', 
     Tokyo '85

    <track#/title>                 <time>  <notes>
     1> Scuttle Buttin'              7:28  "Scuttle Buttin'/Say What"
     2> Voodoo Chile                15:17
     3> Cold Shot                    4:45
     4> Couldn't Stand The Weather   5:53
     5> Mary Had A Little Lamb       3:35
     6> Love Struck Baby             3:26
     7> Texas Flood                 11:47
     8> Lenny                       12:32
     9> Testify                      7:35  "Testify/Third Stone From The Sun"

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