Double Trouble - Nashville 1978

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Double Trouble - Nashville 1978, nov79
     [no visible label] (32:53, 10 tracks)
     Recorded at Jack "Cowboy " Clement's home studio 11/79. The booklet that
     accompanies the disc claims that the CD was taken from an acetate (the
     only source known to exist, apparently any tapes were destroyed or
     deteriorated). The inserts are numbered and limited to 1000 copies.
     Includes Jackie Newhouse on bass and Lou Ann Barton, vocals.
     Some tracks are similar to "The First Thunder", but most are different.
     Great sound quality but has "feel of listening to a slightly worn LP."

     <track#/title>               <time>  <notes>
     1> You Can Have My Husband    2:51   Lou Ann vocal
     2> Rude Mood                  3:23
     3> Pride And Joy              3:00   Stevie vocal
     4> Oh, Yeah                   3:00   Lou Ann vocal
     5> Love Struck Baby           2:05   Stevie vocal
     6> Ti-Ni-Nee-Ni-Nu            2:45   "Tina Nina Nu", Lou Ann vocal
     7> Gonna Miss Me              2:23   "Empty Arms", Stevie vocal
     8> I Wonder Why               5:32   "Will My Man Be Home Tonight?"
                                          Lou Ann vocal, Stevie slide guitar
     9> I'm Trying                 3:31   "I'm Cryin'", Stevie vocal
    10> Sugar Coated Loving        3:24   "Sugar Coated Love", Lou Ann vocal

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