Double Trouble Over Europe

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Double Trouble Over Europe - Montreux Jazz Festival, 17jul82, & Pistoia Blues 
     Festival, Pistoia, Italy, 3jul88
     [no visible label] (10 tracks) (CD-R format, producer unknown)
     Montreux - (tracks 1-7), Pistoia - (tracks 8-10)
     Montreux track listing identical to First Concert In Europe
     <track#/title>              <time>  <notes>
     1> Hideaway / Rude Mood
     2> Pride And Joy
     3> Texas Flood
     4> Love Struck Baby
     5> Dirty Pool
     6> Give Me Back My Wig
     7> Stevie's Boogie                  "Collins Shuffle"
     8> Superstition
     9> Willie The Wimp
    10> Couldn't Stand The Weather

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