Driving South

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Driving South - Houston, TX 1980?
     [no visible label] (12 tracks) (CD-R format, producer unknown) 
     Cover says this is from aug78, but due to material and personnel the
     date is suspected to be a 1980 show.  Jack Newhouse on bass.
     <track#/title>                 <time>  <notes>
     1> Little Wing
     2> Driving South
     3> Jam                                 segue into Dirty Pool
     4> Dirty Pool
     5> Letter To My Girlfriend
     6> All Your Love I Miss Loving
     7> Shake For Me
     8> Love In Vain
     9> Lost Your Good Thing Now
    10> Don't Lose Your Cool
    11> Rude Mood
    12> Manic Depression

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