Fox Theater

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Fox Theater - Atlanta, GA, 31dec86
     [American Artists, American Concert, US001] (77:00, 14 tracks)
     same date as Mr. Clean, with Lonnie Mack
     track 8 is a studio recording from Lonnie's "Strike Like Lightning"
     track 14 has speed problem, starts fast and then slows to normal after 33s
     actually contains only 14 tracks, track 15 as listed is not on disc

     <track#/title>                     <time>  <notes>
     1> Lookin' Out The Window          4:10
     2> Look At Little Sister           4:49
     3> Mary Had A Little Lamb          9:01
     4> Superstition                    4:27
     5> Willie The Wimp                 5:55
     6> Cold Shot                       6:57
     7> Couldn't Stand The Weather      6:47
     8> Introduction Jam                4:39   "If You Have To Know"
     9> Life Without You               11:28
    10> Happy New Year's Blues          3:49
    11> Rude Mood                       5:11
    12> Blues                           7:07   "Oreo Cookie Blues", w/Lonnie
    13> Wham                            0:41   introduction jam
    14> Pride And Joy                   1:59   "Wham", w/Lonnie
    15> Texas Flood                            does not appear on disc

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