In Concert and Jamming

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In Concert and Jamming - various locations
     [no visible label] (64:16, 15 tracks) (CD-R format, producer unknown)
     Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ, 21sep85 (tracks 1-7)
     Grammy Awards, L.A., CA, feb84, w/C. Berry & G. Thorogood (tracks 8,9)
     Austin City Limits, 13dec83 (tracks 10,11)
     Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA, 1sep85, w/Bonnie Raitt (track 12)
     Tennis Rock Expo, Pier 84, New York City, 23jul83, w/Steven Tyler, B.Guy,
     Clarence Clemmons, Vitas Geralitus & John McEnroe (tracks 13-15)
     Liner notes claim that this disc is a follow-up to Unplugged & Jamming
     Abrupt start/stops on tracks (amature job) with poor to below average
     sound quality.
     <track#/title>                        <time>  <notes>
     1> Little Sister                       4:05   "Look At Little Sister"
     2> Cold Shot                           4:35
     3> T-Bone Walker/
        > Lightning Hopkins demonstration   2:21   TV interview
     4> Ain't Gone 'n' Give Up on Love      7:02
     5> Come On (Part 3)                    7:32
     6> Love Struck Baby                    2:53
     7> Pride And Joy                       6:25
     8> Maybelline                          1:39
     9> Roll Over Beethoven                 1:16
    10> Testify                             3:37
    11> Love Struck Baby                    3:16
    12> Testify                             3:38
    13> All Your Love I Miss Loving         6:11   no SRV
    14> Blues                               5:14   no SRV
    15> Shuffle                             4:32   w/SRV, Buddy Guy

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