In The Open

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In The Open - live material, no specific venue or date indicated
     [Totanka, CDPR020] (1996) (64:07, 14 tracks)
     Probably recorded at the KFAT "Fat Fry", Gilroy, CA, 20aug79
     All tracks have Jack Newhouse on bass and Chris Layton on drums.
     Lou Ann Barton handles vocals on tracks 4-10.
     Track 14 includes Robert Cray on guitar and Curtis Salgado on harmonica.

     <track#/title>              <time>  <notes>
     1> Pride And Joy             4:03   slower version than normal
     2> Love Struck Baby          2:59
     3> Wham                      2:23
     4> You Can Have My Husband   3:47
     5> Ti Na Ni Na Nu            3:20   "Tina Nina Nu"
     6> Maybe                     4:05   "Oh Baby"?
     7> Oh Yeah!                  3:22   
     8> Sugar Coated Love         3:50
     9> I'll Change               4:17
    10> Hip Hip Baby              2:37
    11> Collins Shuffle           5:22
    12> In The Open               4:03
    13> Open Arms                 4:35   "Empty Arms"
    14> Tin Pan Alley            15:22   awsome version w/Robert Cray

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