Jammed Together Texas Style

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Jammed Together Texas Style - with Albert King, CHCH Studios,
     Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, nov83
     [Why Not, WOT1004] (44:42, 7 tracks)
     incorrectly listed as having been recorded in Los Angeles
     CD of "In Session" video, same date as Let It Happen and
     Triple Trouble
     <track#/title>                      <time>  <notes>
     1> Texas Flood/Stormy Monday Blues  12:53   (splice) "TF"=4:29,"SMB"=8:24
     2> Matchbox Blues                    6:21
     3> Instrumental Jam 1                2:11
     4> Instrumental Jam 2                1:31
     5> Pride And Joy                     6:04
     6> Ask Me No Questions               4:58
     7> Outskirts Of Town                10:42

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