Jiving Jam

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Jiving Jam - Recorded Live in USA, various locations, 1983-1989
     [Dr. Gig, DGCD 041] (74:01, 13 tracks)
     Contains tracks w/Lonnie Mack, Buddy Guy, Albert King, Jeff Beck,
     and Johnny Copeland. Includes acoustic solo of "Dirty Pool"
     track 12 from commercial release, Strike Like Lightning (1985)
     <track#/title>                  <time>  <notes>
     1> Champagne And Reefer         16:25   w/Buddy Guy, 30jul89
     2> Oreo Cookie Blues             7:48   w/Lonnie Mack, 31dec86
     3> Wham                          1:58   w/Lonnie Mack, 31dec86
     4> Stormy Monday Blues           8:20   w/Albert King, nov83
     5> Matchbox Blues                6:20   w/Albert King, nov83
     6> Ask Me No Questions           5:07   w/Albert King, nov83
     7> Wham                          3:57   w/Jeff Beck, 19mar84
     8> Texas Blues                   2:38   w/Jeff Beck, 19mar84
     9> Last Call                     3:18   w/Jeff Beck, 19mar84
    10> Jeff's Boogie                 4:50   w/Jeff Beck, 19mar84
    11> Don't Stop By The Creek, Son  4:40   w/Johnny Copeland, 15jul85
    12> Oreo Cookie Blues             4:45   Acoustic, w/Lonnie Mack
    13> Dirty Pool                    3:44   Acoustic Solo, 23oct89

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