Last Farewell

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Last Farewell - Albuquerque, 28nov89, & Denver, 29nov89
     [Swingin' Pig, TSP-CD-079] (68:37, 11 tracks)
     combo of Tingley arena and Denver McNichols arena shows
     same as Colorado & New Mexico minus Texas Flood, Willie the Wimp,
     and Life Without You 

     same date(s) as 
     Brotherly Love, Colorado & New Mexico, Cold Shot (Vol 4),
     Crossfire, Hello Y'All, In Steppin',
     Let Me Love You Baby, One Of The Last
     <track#/title>                  <time>  <notes>
     1> The House Is Rockin'          2:41
     2> Tightrope                     5:39
     3> Look At Little Sister         5:50
     4> Let Me Love You Baby          3:28
     5> Leave My Little Girl Alone    6:16
     6> Riviera Paradise             10:37
     7> Wall Of Denial                5:57
     8> Superstition                  5:01
     9> Cold Shot                     7:00
    10> Crossfire                     4:09
    11> Voodoo Chile                 11:57

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