Look At Little Stevie

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Look At Little Stevie - Mann Music Center, Philadelphia, PA, 30jun87
     [Chase The Dragon, CTD-015] (Germany, 1995) (70:41, 13 tracks)
     Incorrectly labeled as having been recorded in Pittsburgh, 1987.
     Compare to Unforgettable Night and Come On, final track may not 
     be from this venue.
     Incomplete, missing "Life Without You". Excellent sound quality.
     <track#/title>                     <time>  <notes>
     1> Scuttle Buttin'                  2:56
     2> Soul To Soul                     5:29   "Say What"
     3> Lookin' At You                   4:32   "Lookin' Out The Window"
     4> Look At Little Sister            4:44
     5> Mary Had A Little Lamb           5:54
     6> Ain't Gone 'n' Give Up On Love   9:30
     7> Superstition                     4:39
     8> Willie The Wimp                  6:36
     9> Cold Shot                        5:57
    10> Couldn't Stand The Weather       8:12
    11> Let The Good Times Roll          5:06   "Come On (Part III)"
    12> Love Struck Baby                 2:58
    13> Rude Mood                        3:59

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