Peace In The Valley

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Peace In The Valley - Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI, 25aug90
     [NORIAA Records, SR-3582] (1997) (60:12, 11 tracks)
     Very good sound quality, soundboard source.
     Note: this material is from the day prior to Stevie's final performance.
     Available with two different CD covers.
     <track#/title>                     <time>  <notes>
     1> Tightrope                        3:56  fades in
     2> The Things (That) I Used To Do   4:44
     3> Let Me Love You Baby             3:05
     4> Leave My Little Girl Alone       4:41
     5> Little Sister                    4:12   "Look At Little Sister"
     6> Wall Of Denial                   5:53
     7> Riviera Paradise                 8:17
     8> Superstition                     5:17
     9> Going Down                       6:53   "Couldn't Stand The Weather"/
      >                                         "Going Down" cut
    10> Crossfire                        4:31
    11> Voodoo Chile                     8:39

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