Rough Edges

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Rough Edges - studio & live material, live material from the 1979 California tour
     [Totanka, CDPR019] (1996) (73:52, 19 tracks)
     w/Lou Ann Barton on lead vocals (tracks 7-11,15,16)
     Tracks 1-12 may have been recorded at the Tempico Grande, Felton, CA, 1979
     Tracks 13-17 are probably from the KFAT "Fat Fry", Gilroy, CA, 20aug79
     Track 18 includes SRV w/W.C Clark on guitar and the Cobras. Originally
     released as a Cobra's single on [Hole Records, HR-1520], 1979
     Track 19 is taken from Stevie's early record with The Cast Of Thousands
     entitled "A New Hi" [Tempo 2, T2-1], from 1971.
     Sound quality on tracks 1-12 is good but has a pronounced wow effect on
     some tracks. Tracks 13-17 are excellent quality, as is the Cobra's
     track. The track from 1971 has been recorded from a somewhat scratchy
     record but is still very listenable.

     <track#/title>                  <time>  <notes>
     1> Rude Mood                     3:38
     2> Guitar Hurricane              2:30   "They Call Me Guitar Hurricane"
     3> Pride And Joy                 4:00   "I'm Crying"
     4> Texas Flood                   5:41
     5> Tell Me                       3:22
     6> Love Struck Baby              2:09
     7> You Can Have My Husband       3:21
     8> Ti Nan Ni Na Nu               3:06   "Tina Nina Nu"
     9> Maybe                         2:44   "Oh Baby"?
    10> Sugar Coated Love             3:25
    11> Oh Yeah! Baby's Gone          3:04   "Oh Yeah"
    12> In The Open                   3:12
    13> Last Night                    4:17   instrumental
    14> Hideaway                      3:59
    15> Will My Man Be Home Tonight? 10:37   Stevie on slide guitar
    16> Hip Hip Baby                  2:28
    17> Collins Shuffle               5:15
    18> Rough Edges                   3:26
    19> Red, White & Blue             3:36
    20> I Heard A Voice Last Night     na    missing from disc

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