Texas Flood

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Texas Flood - King's Head [Bay] Inn, Norfolk, VA, 22jul80
     [Silver Rarities, SIRA076] (55:37, 9 tracks)
     average quality; includes Jackie Newhouse on bass, no Tommy Shannon
     <track#/title>        <time>  <notes>
     1> Hide-away           4:49   "Hideaway"
     2> Tell Me Darling     4:37   "Love Me Darlin'"
     3> Tin Pan Alley      10:26
     4> Lovestruck          3:17   "Love Struck Baby"
     5> Another Day         4:24   "I'm Crying"
     6> Texas Flood        10:31
     7> Witching Hour       6:51   "I'm Leaving You (Commit A Crime)
     8> Little Wing         4:25   contains splices
     9> Instrumental        6:15   variation of "Drivin' South"

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