The Sky Is Crying

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The Sky Is Crying - Various session and radio tracks
     [Time Traveler Productions, TT-1007] (77:01, 12 tracks)
     Track 1 Austin City Limits, Austin, TX  10oct89
     "B.B. King & Friends" TV special, 15apr87 (track 2)
     CHCH Studios, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, nov83 (tracks 3-4)
     Track 5 claimed to be from one of SRV's last interviews, 1990.
     Tracks 6-11 claimed to be from a radio broadcast on 28aug90.
     Dallas Sound Labs, Dallas, mar-may85 (track 12)
     <track#/title>                 <time>  <notes>
     1> A Little Thing                 3:44   w/ W.C. Clark
     2> The Sky Is Crying              7:03   w/ Albert King, B.B. King
     3> Pride And Joy                  6:19   w/ Albert King
     4> Ask Me No Questions            5:28   w/ Albert King
     5> Last Interview                 3:51
     6> Change It                      4:46
     7> Crossfire                      5:51
     8> Mary Had A Little Lamb        10:45
     9> Riviera Paradise              10:44
    10> Cold Shot                      5:34
    11> Life Without You               4:52
    12> The Sky Is Crying              8:04

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