Precious Stones II

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Precious Stones II
     [Tucan, 006] (1994) (70:56, 15 tracks)
     Title implies more than one volume but no others are known to exist.
     Feeble attempt to add audience sounds to Touch The Sky
     a real piece of crap, avoid at all costs
     incorrectly claims to be recorded "Live in the USA, 1988"
     <track#/title>               <time>  <notes>
     1> Medley                     2:07   "Little Wing"
     2> Little Wing                2:10
     3> Third Stone From The Sun  13:57   also includes "Little Wing"
     4> Life Without You           7:06
     5> So Excited                 3:41
     6> Boiler Maker               5:38
     7> Shake & Bake               2:56
     8> Treat Me Right             5:55   "May I Have A Talk With You"
     9> The Sky Is Crying          4:59
    10> Slip Sliding Slim          1:57
    11> Medley II                  3:25   "Come On (Part III)"
    12> Come On                    4:48   "Come On (Part III)"
    13> Hug, Kiss And Squeeze      2:01
    14> Hang Nails And Boogers     4:35
    15> Right Or Wrong             5:32   "May I Have A Talk With You"

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