Touch The Sky

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Touch The Sky
     [Capricorn Records, CR-2005] (Australia) (70:48, 15 tracks)
     Dallas Sound Labs, Dallas, March - May 1985, (tracks 5,7,9,10,13-15)
     ("Soul To Soul" sessions)
     The tracks above have been verified to be identical to certain tracks
     on the "Soul To Soul" sessions tapes, which contain over 13 hours of
     material. The remaining tracks cannot be matched to any material on
     the tapes, so they may be from different studio sessions, possibly the
     "Couldn't Stand The Weather" sessions. The liner notes incorrectly
     attribute some of the "STS" tracks to the "CSTW" sessions, so the
     recording dates listed therein cannot be trusted. The take numbers
     below are from the liner notes and probably do not reflect the
     actual studio take numbers.
     Tracks 7,9,14,15 can be found on the Life Without You and 
     Unsurpassed Masters 1, 2 and 3. Excellent to superb sound quality.
     <track#/title>                 <time>  <notes>
     1> Little Wing                  1:53   take 1
     2> Little Wing                  2:11   take 2
     3> Little Wing /
        > Third Stone From the Sun  14:04   take 3
     4> Life Without You             7:17   instrumental
     5> So Excited                   3:41
     6> Boiler Maker                 5:44   false and full start
     7> Shake & Bake                 2:55   instrumental
     8> Treat Me Right               6:05   "May I Have A Talk With You"
     9> The Sky Is Crying            4:49
    10> Slip Sliding Slim            1:55
    11> Come On                      3:35   take 1
    12> Come On                      4:43   take 2
    13> Hug, Kiss and Squeeze        2:01
    14> Hang Nails and Boogers       4:33   a capella
    15> Right Or Wrong               5:19   "May I Have A Talk With You"

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