See You Later

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See You Later - Legends Club, Chicago, 30jul89 & Tennis Rock Expo,
     New York City, NY, 23jul83
     [All Of Us, AS43] (67:07, 6 tracks)
     Legends Club, Buddy's band w/SRV (tracks 1-4)
     Tennis Rock Expo, SRV/DT w/Buddy (tracks 5-6)
     Chicago tracks are same as those on Birthday Jam and It's Still Called The Blues
     The Rock Expo tracks can also be found on
       In Concert and Jamming,
       Live At Pier 84,
       Live USA [Imtrat, imm 40.90147],
       Stormy Monday Blues
     <track#/title>                   <time>  <notes>
     1> It's Still Called The Blues    3:26
     2> Champagne And Reefer          25:44
     3> Mary Had A Little Lamb         8:31
     4> Leave My Little Girl Alone /  19:00
        > Worry, Worry
     5> Stormy Monday                  7:18
     6> Mary Had A Little Lamb         3:08

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